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Grounding & Clearing Meditation in 5 Minutes


Mooji guides us back to our center of pure awareness with this meditation and mantra allowing us to drop the illusion and center back into our Source energy; free of energetic, mental, emotional, or physical debris/chatter.

5 Steps to Getting Grounded & Charged Up

  • Sit or lie down with your eyes either closed/holding a soft gaze

  • Begin to notice your breath and begin to find a natural and deep breathing pattern

  • Visualize white light/energy entering through the top of your head all the way down and through your body and into the center of the Earth. The Earth will bounce the energy back up your body through your spine and out your head. Begin to circle this energy with your breath

  • Focus on your heartbeat & your breath and rest here until your energy channels have been filled with light and a sense of loving presence has washed over your being

  • End with a gratitude practice for connecting with yourself, the Earth, and the Divine I AM PRESENCE that lives in all of us.

What gets you feeling grounded?


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