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Recent Testimonials

Client Feedback

I pride myself on my excellent service and strong communication skills. If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences past clients have had with my services, take a look at a selection of their testimonials below.

Testimonials: Testimonials


"It was very accurate he picked up on my essence very quickly. It helped me release tension in my body. I cried soon as it started. It made room for me to clear out any present heaviness and focus on what feels good to me vs any issues that honestly feel really raw right now. It felt so mindful and gentle. I didn’t feel out of place or anxious throughout. I was at complete ease even upon the start. I felt safe and properly engaged. It was uplifting and encouraging. It felt like peace of mind." -


"His genuine thoughtfulness. He took his time and was extremely thorough. This was my first time having in-person reiki. He made me feel super comfortable and relaxed. He guided me into my own personal safe space through meditation. Asking questions throughout my session, and asking me to speak out, if I felt any discomfort. His ability to helped me see my visualize my strengths and my inner child. Thank you for showing me where I was the happiest, as a child. I appreciated the egg cleaning and limpieza. He has such a sweet caring energy. I felt safe and protected. His ways brought me comfort because they reminded me of my grandmother, and the work she did. He is very special and I'm so happy to be a part of his journey. He was able to see wounds things of physical things that happened to me that I hid. I recently fell down the MTA stairs last month, he saw that my ankle was a bit off. He was is very gentle and as I felt his energy scanning my body with detail I started to see so much beautiful imagery, personal to my experience. I saw how it made sense I connected the dots days later to fully understand. I felt so calm and at ease after. I slept really well and my dreams later connected to that reiki imagery. I look forward to booking him for another session". 🤍🙏🏾. - Artist/Organizer

Reiki Treatment


"This was my first session ever (outside of receiving it from friends) The intimacy, attention, and care the session held without it feeling overbearing or overwhelming. I’ve never had a limpieza and so came to the session—after fighting the desire to renege—with a lot of reservations. Jayquan’s kindness greeted me and immediately put me at ease which allowed me to open up to the experience. I called on ancestors while Jayquan cleaned me and it felt powerful being able to incorporate my own practices into the space. I left our session feeling less anxious, more grounded, and really grateful". - Artist



"Tapping into my past and realizing how it was affecting me now. His calming energy and feeling of being in a safe space when opening up about my past. He also connects with you on a deeper level. The gratitude feels and is genuine. He is also going through the healing with you. Jayquan’s approach was calming. I felt safe and trust in his work. I know that I did the right thing in coming to him for my inner healing. He was able to tap into memories that I had not realized how they were connected. I know that my work isn’t finished but I feel so much better that I have released the energy that has been weighing me down for a long time. Looking forward to another session with him." - Educator



The thorns definitely resonated when it came to my throat, heart, and sacral…and what worked well was the letting go of my left shoulder due to having spiritual trauma. I recognized it was not mine to hold onto anymore. Jayquan is very poetic with his imagery that helps with perspective on what is happening in and around the body. This reiki session was a gateway into transformation for me. I went through a dark night of the soul shortly after our session together that prompted me into seeing the light of day. I realized that receiving help from a practitioner like Jayquan allowed me to release a lot that goes on in my mind and body. Jayquan’s presence is ever so gentle and loving. He is full of peace and non-judgment when I'm in space with him. His approach is with consent. His skillsets are fine-tuned to spirit. I am very grateful to know and to have Jayquan as a trusted support person in my life.



I think what resonated most for me was when I described what I was seeing and Jayquan affirmed it. I think what is special about Reiki with Jayquan is that it is fully participatory. He makes it very clear that his sessions are a collaboration and always hold space for you to express what you are feeling in the moment. It adds a special touch and creates a really beautiful connection that I’ve never experienced in my other Reiki sessions. I would definitely recommend booking a session with Jayquan! - Spiritual Worker/Drag Queen


Shanice B.

The attention to detail, explaining the sensations I may experience, and then talking over what was experienced. A few key things that really stood out to me personally as a first-timer were the attention to detail for my own personal experience. The session started with general information about reiki where did it come from if I had any questions about it? Then I was explained step by step what would take place and what my goals were, to make sure the session was fine-tuned to the energy that I needed to receive. As a first-time reiki receiver, I was unsure of what to expect. However, It has taken me so long to write my testimonial because after 2 sessions the surge of energy I felt pushed me to laser focus on my goals. I was in a very vulnerable and emotional state prior to my sessions. My life is currently undergoing a major transformation and cleanses are so extremely important throughout any journey. I have to say, Jayquan made the experience so comfortable. I felt instantly welcomed into a community I was unaware existed just a few years ago. Lastly, Jayquan asked me about my experience after the session was completed and answered all of my questions. That was major for me, I constantly have questions about messages and signs and he offered advice on how to decipher them. That’s the kind of knowledge that sticks with you and you pass along to others throughout your journey. - Entrepreneur / LuckyFox NYC



I was curious about Reiki healing and decided to try it. I listened to the meditation that Jayquan sent me and was in a very calm state of mind before the session started. We discussed how the session will be done and what I wanted to work on. As I lay down I closed my eyes and decided to embrace the experience. After some time I started feeling some tingling sensations and light flow in my body. Throughout the session, Jayquan was checking in to find out what I was feeling. Jayquan guided me through the session so compassionately that I didn’t even notice how an hour passed. The session made me feel calm and light. We discussed our observations and feelings after the session. In the following several days Jayquan was checking in with me to see how I was doing and feeling as my body was still adjusting to this new experience and energy. Jayquan has very soothing energy and is compassionate. A few months later I had another reiki session with Jayquan and again he was very compassionate and had very soothing energy.



He has a calming and trusting aura. He tells you what he is going to do before he does it, which allows for consent. He was willing to take it outside. I thought the nature/ environment was very grounding for me. I have had a few sessions with Jayquan in different formats. Each one brings me a sense of calm and guides me through what I am going through in that moment. His approach is gentle and peaceful which allowed me to reach a new place that I need. I love the encounters with Jayquan because he is the conduit for messages and he is always spot on. - Investor

Hand Shadow

Ali A.

"Jay is a highly intuitive tarot reader whose readings allowed me to better understand where I am in my life journey. He goes through the different strengths you currently have, challenges you will face, burdens you’re carrying, and where you’re headed next. Jay’s tarot reading approach is very collaborative as he involves you in the process of gaining insight into your life path."


Jasmine Tucker

"First, I’d like to express how grateful I am that Jayquan was able to partner with the Black Folx Reiki Clinic for low-cost reiki. With me going through recent large-scale transitions, I needed an affordable resource with someone who had a “soft touch” that would affirm me, while pushing me towards action. My first session with Jayquan was just that—just what I needed to hear, to feel. Jayquan made it easy to understand the process and made me feel extremely comfortable. His calm, warm presence and voice created a peaceful environment and eased my mind as I opened myself up to the power of reiki. I’m appreciative of the time we were able to spend together and the insight that he shared. He hit the nail on the head when sharing that I may be holding onto information or knowledge that could propel my life forward, but I’m not digesting it and putting it into action. It is extremely difficult for me to move forward currently but knowing that that particular energy can be felt has allowed me to reflect and meditate on how I’d like my energy to show up for me. I’ve got to get out of my head and use my voice more. Jayquan helped me to realize this and I can’t wait to feel the effects of this change. Jayquan, thank you for sharing your gift with me and I’m excited to work with you again soon!


Jasmine Tucker

"Two of the tiniest yet most astronomically powerful tears rolled down my face during our in-person session. I can’t explain why they fell—they were definitely involuntary, but I do know they were necessary to continue my healing journey. To jump start me back into intentional healing and forward movement. It was my second session with Jayquan, first in-person session, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the messages that came with it. Jayquan’s emotional constancy is unmatched—always calm, always reassuring, always leading with love. Modeling how I want to engage in their world and with myself. Again, he was spot on in assessing some of the thoughts and connecting emotions that sit with me often. As Jayquan reminded me, follow my intuition and free my inner child. So now, I’m giving myself permission to feel into myself more and slowly trust that I know who I am and where I’m headed."

Dandelion Leaves

Huiying B. Chan

"Jayquan's reiki session with me was filled with patience and care. She began with soothing music and meditation followed by reiki that I felt was intuitive, gentle, and powerful. She helped me cut energetic cords from harm that I had experienced, pairing their intuition and ancestral, spiritual practice, with reiki. She also helped me move energy in my sacral energy center that had been stuck. I felt seen in Jayquan's "reiki report" at the end, where she shared images and messages that came up during our session. As a Reiki practitioner myself, I am very particular about who I trust and see for my own energy healing work. Jayquan is happily one of my go-to practitioners. I highly recommend seeing her for your energetic and healing needs".

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Peri Da Fae

"My reading with Jayquan was amazing. The energy from start to finish was not only high, but it was also inviting and very reassuring. The reading flowed smoothly & the accuracy was mind-blowing. Nothing about the reading was rushed, & if ever I had a question about a card, it was fully explained to me. This was not my first reading, but Jayquan has become my favorite reader. Not only would I recommend services, but I will definitely be booking again. Thank you for your loving presence and gift."

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 3.39.48 PM.png

Jack O'Brien

"I came into Jayquan's reiki session as a mild skeptic; unsure if I believed I would experience some change in energy, or feel something within myself without any physical touch. As I lay down and began to relax, and open my mind to this practice, I started feeling new sensations. As if some tiny rivers in my back had changed direction and were being silently pulled on a corrective course. I could feel these little streams of flowing energy, that I had never perceived in myself before. They were being shaped and guided by Jayquan's connection, which I could only sense in myself since my eyes remained closed. Once the session had finished, Jayquan and I discussed the feelings that arose, and he is such a gentle and intuitive healer to speak with. You truly feel listened to and at ease in his presence. He is an absolute warm mug of tea. It was a very pleasurable and resonant feeling I retained, and my friends all remarked to me right after the session that I seemed... Different. More open, present, light. Like I had returned to an easier way of being; my energy less tangled. It was eye-opening to say the least, and my skeptical mind was put to rest. I'm not sure how Jayquan does it, I'm not sure why it works, but you will certainly notice tiny things change within yourself if you give reiki a fair chance. I'm certainly glad I did. And certainly glad to have had Jayquan be my guide as I dipped my toes in the water."


Sylvia M.

"My Reiki session with Jayquan was a wonderfully relaxing and energizing experience. He creates a serene, safe and calm environment that immediately puts you at ease in preparation for the Reiki healing session. I arrived at the session feeling very tense and stressed but with Jaquan’s skills and almost tangible positive energy I left feeling remarkably energized and lighter than when I’d arrived, as though he had undone and soothed out all the knots of tension I had been carrying. Overall it was a wonderful experience that left me physically and emotionally energized. Thank you Jayquan!"


Bridge Doherty

"What a gift it is, to receive Reiki healing from Jayquan. A transformative experience, to say the least, when I became open to allowing Jayquan to navigate the pain and tension I was feeling in my body and transmute it into a creative visualization! Simply, and sweetly, Jayquan will take precious time to gather energy from the Reiki spirit and give ever so gently to the parts of us that need healing. With consistent check-ins during the session, I felt safe enough to express how I was feeling and what I was experiencing. Jayquan taps into our Life Source energy to truly see the beauty behind any and all Chakra blockages.  Many days later, and still, now I am feeling the effects of his comfort and care. I am reminded of how beautiful I am by his healing and inspired to continue my spiritual path."


Chadrick Hamilton

"I was always skeptical of readings, while also being a bit nervous about what I may hear. I finally decided to be brave and get one. Jayquan made the process easy, comfortable, and safe. The reading even when it touched on things that may be negative, Jayquan talked it through with me, making me relaxed and calm. It was an eye-opening experience and I would 100% do it again."


Noelle Ghoussaini

"My reading with Jayquan brought me back to myself. I have been dealing with chronic health issues, and along the process of healing, got lost looking for others to provide me with 'solutions'. My time with Jayquan reminded me of the light within, the guiding light I must always listen to (against all obstacles). He reminded me to trust in myself and in the universe, and to go beyond my own limitations, to live in that trust."


Michelle Marin

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Jay. All I had was a consultation, and in that short amount of time, Jay managed to help me feel more balanced and sure of my path. His way of consulting is very soothing and he shows you his full attention. He is very empathetic and makes it so that you answer yourself as opposed to imposing his opinion onto you or your situation. He comes highly recommended and I will be doing more work on my soul with him."

Hassan Williams_edited_edited.jpg

Hassan Williams

"Jayquan is an amazingly intuitive reiki practitioner. They gave me space to fully release during the session and were able to do work on chakras that I hadn’t even considered having taken care of. They gave me very vivid descriptions of the blockages I needed to heal that resonated very deeply with me. I am most certainly looking forward to doing more sessions with them in the future. 36/10 would recommend!"

Hassan Williams_edited_edited.jpg

Hassan Williams

"Jayquan is an amazingly intuitive healer. they were very kind, gentle, accommodating, and empowering during my session. I trust and have a deep reverence for their practice and their ability to get to the root of whatever pain or blockages you might be experiencing. book them asap!"

Selfish 2.jpg

Freddy Mancilla

"My reading from Jayquan was such a serendipitous moment that helped me shake some doubts out of my head. Since then, things sort of took off in such beautiful ways for me...During my reading, Jayquan had such supportive energy that really helped me ease into virtual card reading (a first for me) and his Instagram series of Picking 3 Cards to choose from is a generous way of bringing the cards into the everyday. Highly recommend a reading with Jayquan (at least give him a follow!!)"

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 12.04.40 PM.png

Carmen Borla

"When trusting someone to look into your life and there’s uncertainty about what the message will be, it is important to find someone empathetic and gentle to translate it. Jayquan created a safe space from the start and energetically held my hand throughout the entire process, making it easy to hear with an open heart about lights and shadows."


Daniela Triana

"Jayquan was a pleasure & was helpful when I needed rebalancing. He was gentle in his practice but communicated everything he was feeling or seeing, which was important to me. I have nothing but great things to say and will definitely book a session again."

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 9.25.39 PM.png

Alex Griffin

"My reading with Jayquan was the second reading that I had ever had in my lifetime. I loved every minute. The care that he puts into the experience is second to none. I felt like I was in an incredibly safe space to discover things about my future, myself, and my relationships. It's been weeks since I had met with Jayquan and I still find myself thinking about what was discovered/revealed in the cards."

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 2.31.23 PM.png

Karlene Grinberg

"Jayquan is equal parts intuitive, warm, and giving. His work reflects patience and a unique understanding. During our most recent reading, each card brought new ideas and destinations: hope from this past year of uncertainty and guidance towards what's to come. I left the session feeling completely calm with a focused mind and a very grateful heart."


Motsepe Mokou

"Good evening I am very grateful for Reiki's energy, I wanna thank Jayquan Gooding for his patience with me. My experience with Reiki is very positive since I am suffering from chronic prostate since I have been on the session Reiki energy picks up the pain without me saying it. Also, I felt a little bit different energetic after commencing with my session I am looking forward to repeating my energy upliftment thanx to my tutor."

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