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Nonbinary Sangha Practice w/Jayquan Gooding ✨ 3 💚 Heart Opening & Connecting Practices

11/09/21 Nonbinary Sangha Practice w/Jayquan Gooding ✨

Jayquan, he/him, @jayquan.gooding guides us through (3) heart-centered/opening and strengthening practices this evening as a powerful channel and guide ✨ The practices include 1) Connection to self/Spirit, feeling your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ in your body through verbal communication with Spirit; 2) Self-Love and generation practice, as we give ourselves the abundance of available love; 3) Connection with the Divine Mother of creation, source, love and light.

✨ Jayquan centers practice on empowerment, care, and LOVE!

✨ As an incredible Spirit, Usui Reiki Ryoho Teacher, Healer, Guide and Wisdom Teacher, please feel free to connect with him via DM directly, or through his website, see below!

✨ You can use RAY2021 for 50% off for all new clients, shared among friends and family as offered from Jayquan 😌

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